Social Enterprise Vision

At The Table is a social enterprise catering company initiative at YWCA Hamilton, using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients while providing healthy meals and training opportunities to women and girls.


Food Philosophy

The catering menu focuses on local and seasonal ingredients.  Our philosophy is that great food can be simple yet delicious.  We feature fresh, healthy, high-quality food.  In addition to our menu, we offer a wide range of custom catering options for any event, large or small.


Social Purpose

A central priority is placed on addressing social detriments of health for women living in poverty by offering healthy fresh food to women
who are homeless and living in the Transitional Living Program at YWCA Hamilton. Training and assistance to transition into apprenticeship occupation and meaningful employment opportunities in the food sector, the social enterprise envisions a social hub within the community which:

* Promotes healthy food choices and lifestyles
* Facilitates social engagement in the neighbourhood
* Promotes the buy local program and facilitates connections
* Supports investment in the neighbourhood and broader community

Behind The Name


Several years ago, a resident living in the YWCA Hamilton's Transitional Living Program participated in our collective kitchen.  The concept of the collective kitchen was that women from the Transitional Living Program would create menus, shop, cook, and eat their meals together.  One woman made a very memorable comment that resonated with the staff for years to come - she commented on how great the food was and how wonderful it was to eat a meal At The Table as that marked the first time in her life she enjoyed a meal with others.

Join us at the table as we work together to improve the lives of women and girls in our community.